Jamie, an Allied member of the American Society of Interior Designers, attended the University of Cincinnati’s College of Design, Architecture and Art; graduating in 1982 after an extensive 5 year program. At the time, University of Cincinnati's program was the top rated Interior Design School in the United States.

Jamie has over 25 years design experience. After working 13 years on high end Corporate Designs with an Award-Winning Design Firm in Chicago, Jamie relocated to San Francisco and founded InterDesign Studio, focusing on Residential Interiors, which have always been one of Jamie’s major interests.

InterDesign Studio’s projects span the Midwest as well as the San Francisco Bay Area. Project sizes have varied from one room make overs to collaborations with Architects on new residential construction up to 34,000 Square Feet.

Jamie’s portfolio includes projects for special needs households including Physical Disabilities, Allergies, Animals and projects integrating Art Collections into the interiors. These projects have incorporated numerous customized solutions - Carpet, Furniture, Lighting, Cabinetry, Elevators and specialized Stair Railings - to ensure comfort and usability for all family members. One special needs project is featured in the publication “Leading Residential Architects” and was televised on HGTV’s “Dream Builders”.

From conceptualization to installation, InterDesign Studio offers homeowners the expertise and access to industry resources required for beautiful, functional design.

Fee Structure:
Hourly Design Fee + Purchasing Fee on Items Purchased with Trade Discounts.


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