There are numerous benefits and advantages of working with a Design Professional. For example, a Designer will manage any required tradesmen that you normally would have to deal with personally, continuously inspecting their work to ensure quality. When choosing tradesman, a Designer will assist you and offer recommendations.

A Designer will also:

Help you see the 'big picture' and suggest ideas you may not have considered.

Ensure you do not become overwhelmed with too many choices.

Provide a fresh pair of eyes looking at your home and it's possibilities.

Conduct research, contact vendors and take care of other tasks you may not have time for.

Allow you access to Vendors, Design Showrooms, Trade Discounts and other resources not available to the general public.

Saving should not include cutting out the Design Professional you need to ensure your results are what you dreamed of. A Design Professional will help you spend wisely and maximize the investment in your home.

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