Design Process

Projects vary depending on client needs and project scope. The following        is a generalized outline of the Design Process.

Phase I:  Programming
Meet with client to understand their style, vision and special needs
Discuss budget, scope of work and time frames
Outline room by room requirements
Inventory existing items for re-use

During the programming phase, images (for example, magazine clippings)   provided by the client are beneficial in expressing tastes and styles.

Phase II: Schematic Design
Collaborate with Architects and Contractors as required
Research and develop design options (plans, finishes and furnishings)
Client Presentation

Phase III: Design Development
Fine tune design, based on client feedback
Develop Construction Documents for pricing as required
Pricing of new Furnishing Items

Phase IV: Construction / Implementation

Review overall project final costs

Coordinate and supervise construction and other vendors as required

Coordinate new purchases

Phase V: Move-In
Installation of Furnishings
Punch List
Follow-up of Punch List items
Client Move-in



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